• Matters needing attention when working with double-head cutting saw for aluminum alloy windows and d

    22 Apr, 2022

    When the double-head cutting machine for aluminum alloy profiles cuts industrial aluminum profiles or aluminum alloy profiles with thermal insulation and broken bridges, JMD Machine reminds customers to pay attention to the following points:

    Application range of aluminum alloy profile double-head cutting saw: aluminum profile CNC cutting saw adopts soft transmission technology, magnetic ruler positioning, Chinese touch screen display

    1. Pay attention to the spray device. When cutting thick aluminum profiles, the spray device is essential for the protection and cooling of the saw blade. Some customers do not care about this, but now the price of a saw blade is not Fei, if you don't pay attention to this piece, the loss of the saw blade will be very large. Save the frequency of blade replacement as much as possible.

    2. Pay attention to the setting of the pressing device. According to the shape of the profile, adjust the profile pressing device appropriately, so that the saw blade can ensure that the profile does not shift at the moment of contact with the profile, which is the premise to ensure the cutting accuracy.

    3. Pay attention to the stability of the power supply voltage and gas source, which we have mentioned in the previous article, pay attention to it at any time, and strengthen the sense of responsibility of the operator.

    4. Pay attention to the cleaning of waste, which is very important to ensure that the blockage of the solenoid valve causes poor commutation.

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