• What are the selection techniques for the quality of plastic steel windows and doors?

    19 Apr, 2022

    What are the skills of plastic steel window and doors equipment selection? Let Xiaobian explain to you how to identify the quality of plastic-steel window and doors equipment.

    1. Use small profiles. The original profile is used to make doors and windows or indoor partitions, but some dealers use it to encapsulate balconies for consumers. Because the strength is not good, it is easy to present quality problems;


    2. Use unqualified plastic-steel profiles, which will have problems such as deformation, cracking, slag and discoloration during use.


    2. No steel lining or thin iron sheet is added to fake steel lining in window and doors, and assembly cannot ensure the overall quality of doors and windows. In the installation of plastic-steel window and doors equipment, there are many questions caused by the construction team's non-standard operation. Such questions are mainly caused by the inattentiveness of the installation personnel in the process of transfer, loading and unloading, and installation.


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