• Aluminium crimping machine, Aluminium corner crimping machine

    The Aluminium crimping machine is mainly used for 90 degree corner joint of vertical hinged door and window with connector structure, including aluminium window crimping machine, crimping machine for aluminum windows.

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    Aluminum Door & Window Light Duty Crimping Machine


    Corner Crimping Machine for Aluminium Profiles

    Aluminum Door & Window Heavy Duty Crimping Machine


    Aluminium profile corner crimping machine

    Description: Aluminium crimping machine, Aluminium window corner crimping machine, Crimping machine for aluminium

    The aluminum corner crimping machine is a special machinery for the production of high-grade broken bridge aluminum alloy doors and windows. it is suitable for the extruded angle code connection of the flat door of the angle code structure and the 90-degree angle joint of the aluminum door and window. it is recognized and trusted by the majority of customers because of its high angle precision and firm angle code connection.

    The principle is to use the concave surface of the corner code. Squeeze the aluminum alloy into the depression. 

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