• Automatic CNC bending machine
    • Automatic CNC bending machine
      • Automatic CNC bending machine


    Automatic CNC bending machine

    Chassis brand: JMD
    Roller rotation speed: 0-15rpm
    Roller diameter: 60/mm (customizable)

    1.In the aspect of special-shaped arc processing, multi-radius bending can be formed once (multi-curvature), which can effectively improve the processing efficiency and save labor.
    2.Ordinary arc can be machined in one time with high efficiency.It can also be molded several times according to the actual situation, effectively ensuring the appearance of arc and the practicality of equipment.
    3.Adopt the imported hydraulic system, so that the equipment in the working state of 20 tons of pressure, the positioning accuracy of the working shaft is less than 0.01mm repeated control accuracy
    4.Accurate radius (R) control and easy completion of continuous machining of multi-arc and complex graphics.
    5.Grating ruler: double drive grating ruler with anti-interference module, good arc bending repeatability.
    6.X axis rotation using Amoxin direct motor control: high positioning accuracy, constant torque, not due to the high and low speed change.
    7.CNC control system completely solves the smooth and symmetric transition of different curvature of workpiece.
    8.Humanized control system, flexible, simple,It is easy to understand and easy to use; Completely solve reliance on skilled workers.
    9.Exquisite mold design technology perfectly solve the product wrinkle, scratches, distortion, and other quality problems to meet your high quality requirements for products.
    10.Unique core algorithm, rich rolling and bending processing parameters, simple operation, simple and practical.
    11.Automatic feeding calculation, reduce your material waste.



    Power supply

    3phase4wire ?AC380V,50HZ

    Roller rotation speed


    Max?diameter of roller mold


    Roller diameter

    60/mm (customizable)

    Fixed axis center distance

    350-750mm adjustable

    The driving force?of Y-axis oil cylinder

    20 tons

    Positioning accuracy of Y-axis oil cylinder

    <= plus or minus 0.01mm

    X-axis and Y-axis maximum torque

    2300 n. M

    Y axis feed stroke


    Roller shaft length


    Range of processed profiles

    150* 150mm in height and width

    X axis positioning accuracy

    <0.1mm;Repeat positioning accuracy of Y-axis is 0.01mm.

    Minimum machining radius

    100mm(depending on actual size of material)

    Total weight


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