• CNC Double Head Miter cutting saw.

    14 Sep, 2020

    CNC double-ended precision saw is a kind of double-ended saw, which is developed by adding numerical control system on the basis of precision saw.



    It has the following advantages:

    1, imported numerical control system, digitally controlled cutting length, accurate size.

    2. The servo motor drives the head to move left and right through the imported ball screw, and the repetitive positioning accuracy is high.

    3, a series of data can be input to optimize the length at the same time to realize continuous cutting.

    And has the historical data memory function, one input, many times convenient to call.

    4, special imported cemented carbide saw blade, cutting feed movement guideway using imported linear guideway.

    5, the saw blade feed is powered by the hydraulic damping cylinder, and the output saw is stable.

    6, the processing range is large, the cutting length is 4200mm, the cutting angle is 90 °and 45 °, and the two angles are automatically converted by the button.







    Let's learn more about the following CNC saws.


    Saw head front: saw head locking device, pressing cylinder, etc.


    Back of saw head: damping cylinder, circuit, coolant pipeline, etc.


    Servo motor: drive the head to move through the ball screw.


    Control panel: just input the value, you can complete the movement of the machine head, swing angle, cutting and other work.


    The oil separator ensures the smooth flow of the gas path.


    Vacuum to ensure cleanliness, tank chain to ensure the stability of the line and gas path.


    Head shield, saw blade coolant sprinkler, etc.


    II. System description.

    1.This machine adopts Mitsubishi programmable controller, 7-inch true color touch screen, motor, driver, switching power supply and so on to form a closed-loop control system.

    2.The system adopts touch screen man-machine interface, which has the advantages of fast reaction speed, easy to operate and easy to learn.

    3.The control precision is high, stable and reliable.


    Safety operation rules for CNC double-head precision cutting sawing machines for aluminum doors and windows.


    1. The operator should be trained and read the instruction manual carefully before operating the equipment.

    2. Operators should wear protective products and tight cuffs before operating the equipment.

    Long hair needs to be tied into the work cap.

    It is strictly forbidden to wear gloves, and it is strictly forbidden to wear all kinds of accessories that affect the operation.

    3. Check all parts of the equipment carefully before starting up. Articles that hinder the operation are strictly prohibited. The workpiece must be fixed firmly.

    4. The rotation direction of the tool should be determined before starting, and the operation can be continued only if the direction is correct, otherwise the operation will be corrected.

    5. During the operation of the equipment, the operator shall not leave the equipment or approach or touch the high-speed rotating spindle, belt, saw blade and other parts.

    6. the effect of spray lubrication should be often observed in the process of equipment cutting, which has a great influence on the durability of the saw blade and the section accuracy of the cutting profile.

    7. when changing the tool, you should wear good gloves to avoid injury caused by skin contact with the sharp edge.

    The tool replaced should be checked for damage and deformation.

    The use of deformed and damaged knives is strictly prohibited.

    The changed knives should be properly disposed of.

    8. Before starting and during operation, the screw and guide rail should be oiled regularly (once / 2 hours), and the oil injection device should be located at the back of the fixed head.

    Regular oil injection is very necessary for the durability and machining accuracy of the equipment.

    9. The power supply of the equipment should be cut off during maintenance, and professional qualified personnel should be selected for maintenance.

    10. After the work is completed, the equipment should be thoroughly cleaned and the moving parts should be injected with lubricating oil.

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