• CNC Machining Center LJZX4-6500
    • CNC Machining Center LJZX4-6500
      • CNC Machining Center LJZX4-6500


    CNC Machining Center LJZX4-6500

    Chassis brand: JMD
    Cutting/milling width: 150mm
    Cutting/milling height: 150mm

    LJZX4-6500 is mainly designed for cutting & milling thermal break window and door profiles and some industrial aluminum profiles. It can drill or mill holes and slots on the four surfaces of the profiles, then cut the profiles at any angle between ±45°. It can process the glue hole, pin hole, drain hole, sharp angle, handle hole and lock hole, etc. Only load the aluminum profile to machine once, all processes can be completed.

    The machine supports the batch cutting of frame, sash, mullion or fly screen frame profiles; it can also support mixed cuts of multiple profiles (frame, sash, mullion or fly screen frame profiles). Cutting mode can be 45° cutting at both ends of profiles, 90° cutting at both ends of profiles or one end 45° cutting and the other end 90° cutting. To cut some industrial aluminum profiles, cutting angle can be arbitrary between±45° at both ends.

    The online printing and labeling mechanism will print the label and automatically paste it on the profile surface after the profile is cut which makes it convenient to do the profile classification and data management in the later production.

    The machine must be supported by the window design software for the processing data such as cutting length, cutting angle and hole/slot position, so that the machine can do transmission positioning, angle positioning and hole/slot positioning.


    l?Power supply: three-phase four-wire 380V 50Hz

    l?Cutting spindle?motor: 3.0kW,?2860r/min

    l?Milling spindle: 3kW 9000r/min

    l?Feeding speed: 0~70m/min

    l?Blade feeding?speed: 0~10m/min

    l?Milling speed: 0~15m/min

    l?Cutting efficiency: average ≤13s/segment

    l?Blade specification: 500x4x3.6x30x120

    l?Working air pressure: 0.5MPa~0.8MPa

    l?Air consumption: 150L/min

    l?Total power: 33.3kW+3.7kW (Industrial dust collector)

    l?Overall weight: 8.8Ton

    l?Overall size (LxWxH): 15.3mx2.0mx4.2m


    l?Control system: SIEMENS(PLC?& Servo)

    l?Monitor: DELL

    l?Linear guide rail: HIWIN

    l?Guide screw:?TBI

    l?Gear & rack: YYC

    l?Pneumatic components:?AirTAC

    l?Low-voltage electric components: Schneider/Honeywell/Omron

    l?Cables & wires: EChu

    l?Spindle motor:?Rundawords?????

    l?Hollow turning platform:?SEIKING

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