• How long will aluminum windows last?

    12 Apr, 2021

    Broken bridge aluminum windows and doors, as the most mainstream windows and doors products, has become a widely accepted material for windows and doors, so how long can they be used?

    How long is its life? in Germany, we can still see windows and doors that have not been changed for 50 years, so how long do the current broken bridge aluminum windows and doors last?

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    There are two keys that affect the service life of broken bridge aluminum windows and doors: one is the quality of aluminum and the other is the quality of hardware.

    1.aluminum quality: high-quality broken bridge aluminum windows and doors often choose to buy domestic high-grade aviation grade aluminum, the material in the wall thickness in line with the national standard. 14 MM, is followed by the material surface treatment technology, high-quality broken bridge aluminum windows and doors profile surface treatment smooth, smooth, high finish, paint film thick.

    The color shedding of aluminum will not occur in the service life of 20-30 years.

    And inferior aluminum, mainly some mixed brand aluminum, the material thickness is lower than the national standard, is non-standard material, there is poor surface treatment process, thin paint film, this broken bridge aluminum material can be used for 5-10 years will appear color shedding phenomenon.

    2.hardware quality: a windows and doors in the selection of high-quality aluminum, of course, can not do without good hardware, high-quality aluminum with good hardware, the window service life is greatly extended, usually the common high-quality hardware on the market are: Germany Silia, Germany Schlegel, Hobo, grid, Jianlang, etc., it is not recommended to use the original factory hardware or their own brand hardware.

    The market price of this kind of hardware is only tens of yuan a set.

    If you choose high-quality aluminum at a high price, but with the so-called original hardware or the same hardware as the aluminum brand, it is a pity to tell you that the service life of the window will be reduced; this is like we bought a first-class anti-theft door but equipped with a low-level lock core, it also can not prevent thieves, there is a good door but the lock core is not good.

    High-quality broken bridge aluminum materials with high-quality windows and doors hardware, then your broken bridge aluminum windows and doors can be used for 20 or 30 years, the so-called good horse with a good saddle, good windows and doors are of course inseparable from good aluminum and good hardware.

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