• How should the screens of windows and doors be cleaned?

    02 Apr, 2022

    Aluminum alloy doors and windows are very common in life. Aluminum alloy doors and windows are the best choice for ventilation and blocking mosquitoes and flies. However, after a long time, the screen windows will become very dirty. How should we clean the screen windows of aluminum alloy doors and windows?


     Cleaning the invisible screen windows with grease in the kitchen

    1. First use a soft brush to gently brush off the floating dust on both sides, then use two sponges or plastic foam, dip some washing powder solution or soapy water, hold one in one hand, and clamp the same part of the screen from both sides, First wipe from top to bottom, then left to right; finally, dip in water and wipe gently, so that the dust on the screen window can be completely removed.

    2. A very affordable and environmentally friendly method: dilute the flour with water.

    Note: (1) The water should be boiled water; (2) The proportion of flour and water is appropriate, and it is enough to make the paste water. When the paste water is slightly cool, mix in an appropriate amount of washing powder (depending on the amount of grease), stir well, use The special brush for Feng screen window directly brushes the paste water on the screen window, and taps after drying, the grease and stains will fall off together with the flour.


     Cleaning of invisible screens without grease

    1. The aluminum alloy doors and windows adopt the method of wiping while pulling, and some invisible screens are folded. If all the screens are pulled out and wiped all at once, the screens are likely to be damaged, and it is very difficult to Convenience. We can wipe as much as we can to pull out the gauze (use a sponge when wiping, and use the sponge's dust absorption function, so that the dust will not fly around).

    2. If you have an old newspaper at home, take it out, soak it in water (preferably with a lot of words) and stick it on the screen window, take it off after a while (don't wait for the newspaper to dry before taking it out), do it several times, The windows are clean.

    3. Vacuum cleaning method: first close the glass window outside the screen window, then put a large newspaper between the glass window and the screen window (or hold the newspaper with your hands to prevent the newspaper from flying around), and then stick it with a vacuum cleaner. Put on the screen and suck the dust off bit by bit.

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