• How to make aluminium windows?

    10 Dec, 2020

    There are many kinds of doors and windows. According to the materials, we can divide them into aluminum windows, UPVC windows, and wooden windows. According to the opening mode of windows, they can be divided into open windows, sliding windows, downward rotating windows and so on. We will explain how to make aluminum open windows and the making process.

    Let's take a look at the aluminum windows production flow chart

    (1) Prepare materials. To know the specifications windows, and then prepare the corresponding models of aluminum profile, glass, glass sealant, door and window accessories. Next is the necessary things: aluminum double head cutting machine, corner cutting machine, punching, profiling end milling machine, window milling drilling machine and so on.

    (2) Frame , casement , mullion, glazing bead profile, cutting. Cutting material is the first and key process of aluminum windows. The cutting material is mainly cut by double head saw, and the material length shall be determined according to the design requirements and referring to the detailed drawing of door and window construction. General cutting is divided into 90 cutting, 45 degree cutting. Cutting equipment model can refer to: ljj2as-500 * 4200

    (3) Mullion processing: the middle stile is generally 90 degree splicing, After cutting, end milling is required ,and the end milling machine model ljx4-250 or ljxb-200 is generally used

    (4) For drilling or punching, the aluminum frame and casemetn is generally connected with screws, so whether it is the assembly of horizontal and vertical members or the fixation of accessories, it is necessary to drill holes at corresponding positions. For profile drilling, small bench drill or pistol electric drill can be used. The former can effectively ensure the accuracy of drilling position due to its worktable, while the latter is due to convenient operation.

    Aluminum window assemble. According to the requirements of construction detail drawing, the profiles are connected and assembled by connecting pieces with screws. There are three assembly methods of aluminum doors and windows: 45 ° angle butt joint, right angle butt joint and vertical butt joint. The connection of horizontal and vertical bars generally adopts special connector or aluminum corner, and is fixed with screws, bolts or aluminum corner.  

    5. The glass should be uniform and symmetrical in the installation groove, and meet the requirements of glass embedding size in the specification. When installing glass with adhesive tape, the outer rubber strip can be installed first, and then the inner adhesive strip can be installed after adjusting the position of glass with enough rubber pad on the inside. After installation, the adhesive strip should be straight, without wrinkle and bulge, and the joint should be well bonded.

    5.1When installing glass with sealant, the position of glass can be adjusted with enough rubber pad in the aluminum frame, and then sealant shall be applied. The sealant shall be neat, smooth and smooth without gaps, fractures and cavities. The width of glue injection shall not be less than 5mm and the minimum thickness shall not be less than 3mm.


    5.2  The 45 ° or 90 ° joint can be used for the glazing bead. The glass should be removed carefully before installation. The joint position should not be scratched during the installation. The joint is tight and flat without cocking after installation.

    6: Packaging. After the semi-finished products are assembled and inspected, they can be cleaned and sealed with the certificate of conformity. In the production process, the technical personnel should achieve each process standard, and the glass inside and outside must be sealed with glass glue. In the production process, the most important thing is to pay attention to the size of the problem, if the size is wrong, that is the most troublesome.

    Summary, there are many door and window styles, production methods have a variety , welcome your comments and ideas.

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