• Maintenance of aluminum doors and windows machine

    13 Jul, 2021

    1. Check mechanical parts and fasteners to prevent loosening. Every conveying part must be regularly lubricated, and the movable head rail must be regularly lubricated every week. The oil cup keeps a certain amount of oil, the circulating water of the water tank is replaced every day, the water tank is cleaned regularly every week, the nozzle is frequently checked, and the plug is found and cleaned in time. The working surface and jaws of the board fitter, the upper and lower pressing pliers should be kept clean and oil-free, and scrubbed every shift.



    2. When not in use, the machine tool is cleaned up, and then the rust prevention of the circular guide rail and other moving parts is completed. The electrical control box is kept clean, cleaned frequently, and dried with an air gun. Regularly overhaul the on-site power supply system of the equipment, and check the phase and neutral relationship of the power supply system. Check the high-pressure hose regularly. Long-term use of high-pressure hoses will cause aging and damage everywhere, and the pressure resistance of the hose will decrease. The air source processor needs to be cleaned regularly, and the pressure gauge needs to be properly adjusted. The storage environment of the machine should be kept dry and free of moisture and corrosive gases to avoid damage to the machine.


    3. Frequently check whether the shower equipment needs to be added with coolant, check the mechanical screws and fasteners to prevent loosening and affect the use, especially the travel switches behind the two heads. The machine should be kept clean. After each shift, clean up the chips in time, wipe the dust on the surface of the guide rail and the machine, add lubricating oil to the exposed surface of the disc guide rail and apply uniform paint. For equipment that will not be used for a long time, corresponding cleaning and maintenance work should be done, and the protective cover can be properly covered.



    Regular maintenance of aluminum alloy processing equipment can not only reduce hidden dangers, but also extend the service life of the equipment and improve the working efficiency of the equipment. In fact, it is of great significance.

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