• The reason why aluminum doors and windows are widely used

    10 Dec, 2022

    At present, aluminum doors and windows are very popular in the selection of home decoration products.First, because aluminum is very light, it is the best choice for frame doors and windows; second, aluminum can be customized and matched according to specific requirements.


    1. Energy saving and environmental protection.Aluminum profiles have superior corrosion resistance and high strength-to-weight ratio, making them the best choice for door and window materials.Compared with the use and loss of doors and windows of other materials, aluminum alloy doors and windows have a long service life and are also the correct choice for family cost investment.


    2. Sturdy and durable.Aluminum profiles are very strong and can be processed into different sizes and shapes.After surface treatment, aluminum profiles of different colors can be obtained, which are more suitable for different home improvement styles.Unique doors and windows can be designed according to the different hobbies and aesthetic views of the owners.


    3. High recovery rate.Aluminum sliding windows can be recycled and reused, which is an energy-saving material.Aluminum doors and windows do not rust, fade, or fall off, and require almost no maintenance. Spare parts have a very long service life and save maintenance costs.


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