• What are the assembly requirements for aluminum alloy windows and doors?

    06 Apr, 2022

    1. The door frame size deviation requirements should comply with relevant regulations;

    2. The assembly clearance of the adjacent components of the door frame and the fan and the height difference of the same plane shall comply with the relevant regulations;

    3. The connection of door components should be firm, and corrosion-resistant filling material should be used to seal and waterproof the connection part;

    4. The door structure should have reliable rigidity, and it is allowed to set the reinforcement according to the needs;

    5. The door frame and the fan should be closely matched and the gap should be uniform, and the allowable deviation of the overlap width between the fan and the frame is ±1mm;

    6. The installation position of the door accessories is correct, complete and firm, and should play their respective roles, with sufficient strength, flexible opening and closing without noise, and accessories that can withstand repeated movements, and should be easy to replace in structure;

    7. The quality of accessories such as glass, hardware and seals for doors should be compatible with the quality level of the door;

    8. The matching size of the plate glass and the door glass groove shall comply with the relevant regulations;

    9. After assembly, the gap between the glass and the inlay groove should be ensured, and shock-absorbing pads should be installed in the main parts, so that it can buffer the impact of the opening and closing force;

    10. Dimensions without tolerance shall comply with the tolerance level JS15 (js15) specified in GB-1804;

    11. There should be no obvious damage to the decorative surface of the door;

    12. There should be no obvious color difference between the colored surfaces of adjacent components on the door;

    13. There should be no aluminum scraps, burrs, oil spots or other stains on the surface of the door, and there should be no overflowing glue outside the assembly connection.

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