• What are the tools used to make aluminum doors and windows?

    25 May, 2021

    Double-head mitre saw: used for cutting profiles to make aluminium doors and windows, According to the size of the aluminium doors and windows, cut the main profile at the required angle. The main angles are 90° and 45°. JMD has two types of double-head saws, CNC double-head saw and digital display double-head saw.



    (1) CNC double head saw features:





    1.Schneider CNC system & automatic profile supporting system.

    2. Driven by rack, the right machine head horizontally moves with precise repeat orientationThe repetitive positioning accuracy can reach 0.02mm.

    3. Available to input a series of data (cutting length & quantity) to realize the continuous cutting.





    (2) Digital display double-head saw features:




    1. Spindle motor(for driving saw blade) made by professional manufacturer

    2. Saw blade: Diamond ZhiGuang; Cable & electric wires: YiChu; Pneumatic components: AirTAC

    3. Saw blade feeding driven by hydraulic damping cylinder through HIWIN linear guide rail pair

    4. Pneumatic profile supporting system & pneumatic right machine head lock system

     Cutting length digital displayed.


    Single-head saws are also called hand saws: they are mainly used for cutting small-sized materials such as buckles and locks.



    Corner connector cutting machine: Combine the main profiles that have been cut at 45° through angle codes. Jmd has two type of corner connector cutting saw.


    (1) CNC corner connector cutting saw features:



    1.This machine is mainly used for cutting aluminum corner profiles of broken bridge doors and windows, and can also be used for 90 °cutting of some industrial aluminum profiles.

    2.Broken bridge aluminum doors and windows enterprises must have a new type of CNC cutting equipment.

    3.The machine has the advantages of simple operation, reliable performance, advanced technology, and easy maintenance and maintenance.


    (2) Auto Corner Connector Cutting saw features:


    1. Cable & electric wires: ShangHai YiChu; Pneumatic components: AirTAC; Saw blade: Janpan DaHe

    2. Profile feeding & saw blade feeding both driven by air-liquid damping cylinder

    3. Cutting quantity digital displayed

    4. Machine spindle made by professional manufacturer.  

    5. Machine body is overall structure with good rigidity.

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