• What's wood window machine?

    09 Jan, 2021

    The price of wooden window ranges from tens of thousands to more than one hundred thousand, which should be decided according to the positioning of their own products and the investment budget. The editor suggests that when the capital budget is sufficient, try to choose the one with high accuracy.

    1. Double-head cutting saw.

    Double-head cutting saw is cutting materials for aluminum alloy profiles, and the accuracy of the saw directly affects the quality of windows and doors produced. Now there are many kinds of double-head cutting saws in the equipment market, including manual, digital display, numerical control, and special 45-degree angles. there are also those that can cut 45 degrees and 90 degrees.

    2. Copying milling.

    Used for milling lock hole, drain hole, handle hole, hardware hole, this is necessary.

    3. End milling machine.

    The end milling machine is mainly for milling the end face of the atrium of doors and windows, and different equipment types are selected according to the type of doors and windows to be produced, which are used in the production of building doors and windows, broken bridge doors and windows, broken bridge window screen integrated windows and aluminum doors and windows.

    Depending on the type of equipment, some can only mill one material at a time, while others can mill multiple materials at the same time.

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    What are the benefits of wooden windows?

    1. Durable and undeformed Yuanwang wood window uses Korean pine lumber imported from Europe with advanced technology as raw material.

    Integrated wood is a kind of material in which the short wood is re-lengthened by advanced finger joining technology after removing defects such as grease, decaying parts, cracks and wormholes, and then laminated.

    By reassembling the wood, the integrated wood avoids the disadvantage that the naturally grown wood is easy to deform because of its own internal stress, and solves the deformation problem caused by the climate change in the use of wood.

    2. Good sealing effect, high energy saving and manic reduction compared with traditional wooden doors and windows, Yuanwang wooden windows are closely jointed after precision machining with advanced equipment and cutting tools, and sealing strips are used in the joint of window frames and sash. It can prevent the internal and external air from circulating each other through the gap between the window frame and the window sash, as well as the invasion of external wind and sand and Rain Water.

    At the same time, the glass used is a double-layer hollow glass filled with inert gas inside, which can effectively prevent the indoor heat from dissipating.

    3. Wood is easier to heat transfer and dissipate heat, and the window has a double-layer hollow glass structure, which makes it have good anti-irritability performance and can reduce noise 35dB.

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