• Application and development of intelligent window and door production line

    25 Apr, 2022

    Intelligent manufacturing is a hot spot in the industry. Under the trend of intelligent manufacturing, CNC system is the core technology for the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry. From a certain perspective, the future development of intelligent manufacturing is inseparable from the breakthrough of CNC system and key technologies.

    CNC machine tools are increasingly emphasizing intelligence and digitization. It can be seen that the future development trend of CNC machine tools is intelligent equipment.

    Intelligent manufacturing provides a historic opportunity for the leap-forward development of China's manufacturing industry. The new generation of intelligent manufacturing technology formed by the deep integration of a new generation of artificial intelligence technology and advanced manufacturing technology has become the core driving force of the new round of industrial revolution.

    The road to change from "CNC" to "Intelligent" machine tool industry is not only technological development, but also the natural requirement of the general trend is also the industry's inevitable response to the high-quality development of the former economy.

    The intelligent equipment production line consists of four parts: frame and fan material production line, middle stile production line, double-headed corner group production line, and logistics line. The fully automatic aluminum alloy door and window intelligent production line makes the production process intelligent, with high precision and programmed material transfer.

    The future development is not static. The research and development of intelligent window and door equipment also needs to keep up with the development and needs of the society. JMD pace has always been ahead, leading the trend of development!


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