• Can aluminum Window machines and UPVC Window machines be used mixed?(2)

    12 Nov, 2022

    The milling of two kinds window machines can be universally which both are used for milling sinks and keyholes. UPVC milling machines are dedicated. While single-axis copy routers and double-axis copy routers can be used in general.

    The difference in the angle connection determines the difference in the machine used.
    Aluminium windows are connected by corner crimping machines, while UPVC windows are welded.These two window machines are completely different.

     Can aluminum Window machines and UPVC Window machine (2).png

    Since the aluminum doors and windows need to use the corner connecter when connecting the corner, it has a special machine for cutting - corner connecter cutting saw. As the connection principle of window mullion ,frame and sash are the samethe connection between the two is the same .The aluminum window machine uses end milling machines, while UPVC machine uses V notch saws and welding machines.

     Therefore, it is recommended that do not mix these two kind of machines.

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