• How should the window and door industry develop in the future?

    16 Sep, 2020

    Doors and windows have always been called the eyes of buildings, and they are an indispensable part of decoration. due to the change of consumption concept, the popularity of low-carbon environmental protection, personalized demand and many other factors, doors and windows are endowed with more connotations. Fashionable, simple, European, classical, modern, energy-saving, environmental protection and other styles of doors and windows gradually appear, constantly meet the diversified needs of the majority of consumers.



    With the implementation of a series of policies such as the "purchase restriction order" by the state, property speculators have withdrawn from the real estate industry, so that the house prices of houses on the second, third and fourth lines have fallen from an inflated position to the altar, but the price of the door and window industry has gradually entered the most exciting part of the period. Door and window companies are springing up like bamboo shoots after a spring rain, and there are more and more brands in the door and window industry. What is the future of the door and window industry? how will the model of doors and windows be affected in the future?


    According to online big data statistics, the market scale of China's door and window industry has grown by leaps and bounds since 2012, reaching 458.9 billion yuan in 2014, an increase of nearly 80 billion yuan over 2012; the market growth rate of the door and window industry in the three years from 2012 to 2016 is lower than before.


    In 2017, the market size of the door and window industry reached 660.5 billion yuan, mainly benefiting from some policies promulgated by the state.


    From the perspective of the development of China's property market in 2019, the development of China's door and window industry will be further advanced, with an annual scale of 730 billion yuan. It is predicted that the annual scale of our door and window industry will reach 1 trillion yuan from 2018 to 2020.




    After the above understanding, we have a general understanding of the future doors and windows, so how will the model of our future door and window industry be affected?


    The application of new materials will transform the door and window industry.


    From the development process of the door and window industry, we know that every great leap in the door and window industry is closely related to the application of new materials and technology.


    In the 20th century, steel and alloy materials began to enter the door and window industry, steel and wood structure doors and windows appeared, the function, shape and appearance of doors and windows have more types of changes.


    Then comes the extensive use of polymer materials represented by PE, PVC and ABS, which promotes the rapid iteration of the door and window industry and brings about profound changes in four aspects.


    Meet the needs of customized doors and windows.


    With the improvement of people's living standards, the society gradually enters the state of "no customization, no life", and the personality consciousness of the new generation of young people is gradually awakened.


    With the wide application of new materials, new technology and new technology, the increasingly shortening of e-commerce and other sales channels, the cost of personalized production of doors and windows and the cost of circulation are constantly reducing. meeting the needs of customers to customize doors and windows has become an important breakthrough in the transformation of many traditional door and window enterprises.


    The era of intelligent (AI) is coming.


    Traditional doors and windows are fixed structure, people can only passively adapt to existing doors and windows; modern doors and windows are more and more integrated into the ergonomic adjustment function, people can manually adjust various indicators, making doors and windows more exclusive.


    In the near future, with the enhancement of the function of the intelligent chip and the reduction of the cost, the data transmission will be more and more convenient, and the number of information receiving and processing terminals will increase. We can foresee that intelligent doors and windows will appear. Intelligent doors and windows actively adapt to the needs of the owner through data acquisition, operation processing and self-adjustment.



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