• Problems and methods that should be paid attention to in stamping processing of industrial alumi

    15 Sep, 2020

    Because the aluminum alloy stamping material is softer than metal iron, the price is expensive, it is easy to break, and some aluminum alloy products need follow-up processing, such as wire drawing, anodic treatment, etc., it is especially easy to produce top injuries and scratches during stamping production. Special attention should be paid to the following points in die manufacturing:


    1. Punching should be arranged at the back of the project as far as possible without affecting the number of projects, and even for products with a large number of punches, one more project should be considered.

    2. The aluminum material is soft and the die is easy to block, so when designing the gap of the die, it is appropriate to put a gap of 10% of the thickness of the bilateral material, 2MM for the straight depth of the knife edge and 0. 8 mi 1 °for the taper.

    3. When bending, aluminum material is easy to produce aluminum shavings during bending, which will cause some injuries and indentation. Aluminum raw materials need to be pasted with PE film. In the case of roller and electroplating, polishing hard chromium plating is better.

    4, for the stamping parts that need to be processed after the anode, if there is a flattening and pushing process of 180 °, the product can not be completely pressed, and the complete pressing will produce the phenomenon of spitting acid, it is necessary to leave a seam of 0.2-0.3MM so that the acid can flow out smoothly and timely, so the limit block must be made in this process and the calibration die is higher than that on the die.

    5, because the aluminum material is brittle and easy to crack, especially in the case of anti-folding, so try not to do the pressing line, even if you want to do it, you should make the pressing line wider and lighter.

    6. All aluminum knife edges are required to be cut with slow walking thread to prevent burr and unsmooth blanking, aluminum parts are easy to produce high temperature, so punch hardness requires more than 60 °, at least with SKD11 material above, do not have D2 and other differential punches.



    Aluminum is soft, so it is easy to produce top injury, crush, scratch and deformation in stamping production. In addition to the requirements in the die, the following points should be done in stamping production:


    1. If you want to do a good job in stamping aluminum parts and reduce the defective rate, you must first do a good job in 5S, especially cleaning, including moulds, punch countertops, waterlines and packaging materials must be free of sharp sundries, no dirt and clear rectification on a regular basis, and the upper and lower parts of the mold must be cleaned up and down without sundries.

    2. If you find that the burr of the product is large, you must send the mold maintenance in time and follow up to the result.

    3. Aluminum parts are easy to heat and become hard together, so when punching and blanking, it is necessary to apply some pressure wrench oil on the material (which can dissipate heat and smooth blanking) and then stamping.

    4. The products with more punching holes need to clean the surface of the die, so that the mold and products will always be clean and free of sundries, and the top injury can be reduced. It is found that the top injury of the die must be found and solved before the production can be continued.

    5. The aluminum shavings will be produced when the pushing blocks of the die are flattened, so the aluminum shavings under the pushing blocks must be cleaned after the production of the pushing blocks every day.

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