• Precautions for using thermal break aluminum doors and windows machine

    25 Aug, 2022

    Thermal break aluminum doors and windows machine is mainly for processing thermal break aluminum profiles. A set of thermal break aluminum doors and windows machine includes aluminum cutting machine, corner crimping machine, milling machine, punching machine etc. So what are the precautions when using these machines?


    Before using the thermal break aluminum door and window machine to work normally, the problems that need to be paid attention to are:


    1. Electricity. The conventional power supply voltage of the machine is 380V. So everyone must pay attention to the connection between the live wire and the neutral wire when wiring. Generally, the color of the live wire is black or blue, and the neutral wire is red (each factory depends on its own situation). You can switch the two ends at any time.


    2. Air source. Since the profiles of door and window machine are compressed by cylinders, it is necessary to ensure sufficient air supply. If the air pressure is not reached, the entry and exit of the saw blade of the aluminum profile cutting saw will be affected, and the processing effect will also be affected accordingly. The working pressure range of general machine is 0.5~0.8Mpa.


    3. Equipment, mainly adjust the cutting machine.

    (1) First adjust the position of the side pressing cylinder. Place the profile to be processed on the work surface, then adjust the press head of the equipment to the middle of the profile, and then lock the cylinder support plate.

    (2) Then adjust the speed of the saw blade. During the operation of the machine, if it is found that the feeding speed of the saw blade is too fast or too slow, the feeding speed can be adjusted by adjusting the speed regulating valve on the feeding cylinder.


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