• Some Machines & Tools for Aluminum Window Production

    16 Nov, 2022

    JMD is a leading manufacturer of aluminum window machinery in China. We mainly focus on the R & D, production and sales about thermal break aluminum window machines. Generally, a production line will include 6main machines: double miter saw, corner crimping machine, corner connector saw, punching machine, end milling machine and copy router/CNC router. Besides of the machines above, some other machines and tools are also useful. Let me introduce you some of them.


    1. CNC Milling Machine(X axis stroke to be 0.8m or 1.2m) SKZX-A3-CNC-1200


    Usually, for standard model of CNC milling machines, its X axis stroke is 3200mm which makes it possible to process both window and door profiles. If you mainly make aluminum windows which not in large size, its not necessary to invest such a big machine. SKZX-A3-CNC-1200 can be a good choice. It is much more efficient than the manual copy router and doesnt cost highly.


    2.Chop Saw for Glass Bead Cutting


    The glass bead profiles are usually packed tightly with plastic film or paper. They can be cut by double miter saw without unfolding the package. After the window/door frame are finished, the length of inner frame sides are not always the same as design. To ensure the glass beads are not too short, we usually make the real cutting length a bit longer(few millimeters) than the design value and use a chop saw to cut them into the exact length when install them to the window/door frames. So, the chop saw is a very important tool for aluminum window production.


    3.Multi-head Drilling Machine LMZZ6A-13


    The machine is mainly used to make the installation holes to the window or door frame profiles before corner crimping. The drill heads can work together or separately as required. Drill heads quantity usually is 6, but other quantity is also optional. We can also use it to make mullion installation holes.




    With a normal aluminum window production line, you need to take much time to transfer the aluminum from station to station, no matter the raw material, pieces been cut or aluminum frames. So you have to develop different kinds of trolleys for different materials. If you dont want to make them by yourself, you can buy from JMD or other suppliers.


          Thanks for reading our article. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about aluminum window machinery or window production.

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