• What is the difference between aluminum clad wood and wood clad aluminum?

    05 Apr, 2022

    With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, there are higher requirements for the materials and quality of home improvement. After a busy day at work, I think of a home where we can relax and feel comfortable. That is the "safe haven" of our life. For the windows and doors  of home improvement, literally, aluminum-clad wood should be made of aluminum outside and wood inside, forming aluminum material wrapped with solid wood; while wood-clad aluminum should be wood outside, aluminum inside, and solid wood wrapped with aluminum material. So what is the difference between aluminum clad wood and wood clad aluminum? Does it really mean this literally? Of course not all, then let me take you to market analysis and analysis together!

    Let's take a look at the profiles of aluminum-clad wooden windows! Aluminum clad wood belongs to the structure composed of aluminum material on the outside and pure solid wood on the inside. The proportion (section) of solid wood is more; The solid wood and the aluminum alloy plate are generally connected and "clad" through the "buckle" process. (Sure enough, as the editor guessed, is the wood-clad aluminum the same?)What is the difference between aluminum clad wood and wood clad aluminum.jpg

    The profile of the wood-clad aluminum window has a lot of origin from the literal meaning. Of course, the wood-clad aluminum windows and doors  are of the outer aluminum + inner wood structure. However, at this time, the inner wood is only about 15mm thick. The solid wood is made of solid wood, and the outside of the solid wood is wrapped by "broken bridge aluminum" made of high-strength nylon heat insulation strips, and between this broken bridge aluminum and solid wood, it is glued and "aluminum 'buckle' wood". way wrapped together.

    Now, do you understand the general difference between aluminum-clad wood and wood-clad aluminum, as I do? ! In short: aluminum-clad wood: more wood and less aluminum; wood-clad aluminum: less wood and more aluminum. But no matter how "snapped" and glued, the material of aluminum must be on the outside, you can see it clearly.

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