• What type of window is most energy efficient?

    30 Apr, 2021

    The real energy-saving doors and windows, not a single use of partition bridge aluminum profiles or Low-E hollow glass energy-saving materials, it is a perfect combination of the system, the comprehensive results of each link performance, indispensable, to measure the energy conservation of building doors and windows should mainly consider three elements, namely, heat loss (heat exchange), heat convection and heat conduction and radiation; 1. Convection is the circulating flow of hot and cold air through the gap between doors and windows, which makes heat exchange through gas convection, resulting in heat loss; 2. Heat conduction is the heat transfer caused by the molecular movement of the material used in doors and windows, which is transferred from one side of the material to the other, resulting in heat loss; 3. Radiation is mainly transmitted directly in the form of rays, resulting in the loss of energy consumption.

    From the perspective of three elements, we should pay attention to the following aspects for real energy-saving doors and windows:

    I. Design and selection of profiles.

    First of all, the performance of the profiles of different materials is different, mainly because the difference of thermal conductivity determines the energy consumption of doors and windows. When you choose a material, it is very important for the design of the profile section.

    In terms of energy saving, ordinary aluminum alloy profiles are still being used. because the thermal conductivity of aluminum alloy profiles is very large and the heat conduction is very fast, it is especially obvious in the cold areas of the north, such as frosting, dew, ice and dripping water in winter.

    In the south, this phenomenon is only invisible to the naked eye, but it consumes a lot of energy consumption of air conditioning.

    II.  The choice of glass.

    We know that the loss of energy is mainly caused by convection, conduction, and radiation.

    And glass is mainly thermal radiation loss of energy, so when we choose building door and window glass, in order to ensure the energy saving of the whole building, we have to choose glass reasonably.

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    III. Accessories.

    Hardware accessories play an important role in energy-saving doors and windows, not only closely related to the air tightness, watertightness and wind pressure resistance of doors and windows, but also play a very important role in safety and other performance.

    Energy-saving door and window hardware accessories should take into account the following aspects:

    A) selection of hardware accessories material selection hardware accessories with good material is the basic guarantee of good quality and energy-saving doors and windows.

    Hardware accessories with poor material are easy to age and break.

    This can lead to inflexible opening or inability to open and close doors and windows, which not only can not guarantee the airtight performance and energy saving of building doors and windows, but also bring harm to people's lives and safety.

    B) rational configuration and design of hardware accessories for energy-saving doors and windows, a good locking multi-point locking system should be selected to ensure the synchronous deformation of fan and frame under wind pressure, and effectively ensure the reasonable coordination of sealing materials. so that the sealing strip can be kept in a strong state under pressure with good sealing performance at any time.

    IV. Correct assembly.

    The first few points are the requirements of several sets of door and window components, but the reasonable selection of components is very important, and the correct combination of a variety of components into a system is a perfect energy-saving door and window, so when we choose a door and window assembly factory, it is also critical to choose a door and window assembly factory with strength and experience.

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