• Should you replace aluminum windows?

    05 May, 2021

    When your windows and doors are not in normal use, your aluminum alloy windows may face the option of repair or replacement.

    Knowing four common aspects can help you make informed choices.


    Unqualified installation.

    Whether the installation of windows and doors is standard or not will directly lead to the use effect and service life of doors and windows. Non-standard installation must be paid attention to.

    In judging whether the installation of windows and doors is standard or not, it is mainly evaluated from five aspects: door sash, window sash, frame, lock and use, and it mainly remembers several standard values:

    1. Joint gap should be less than or equal to 1mm.

    2. The allowable deviation of the verticality of the front and side of the door and window frame is 2.5mm.

    3. The horizontal allowable deviation of the horizontal frame of windows and doors is 2mm.

    4. The allowable deviation of the horizontal frame elevation of windows and doors is 5mm.

    5. The allowable deviation of vertical deviation from the center of windows and doors is 5mm.


      The strength of the profile is not enough.

      The strength grade of aluminum alloy is divided according to the indexes such as tension, yield, hardness and so on.

      The strength is not strong enough to be prone to deformation and damage in severe weather such as typhoon, which is a great threat to the safety of users' lives and property.

      Generally speaking, consumers can observe with the naked eye, press with hands, shake and other methods, basically can identify whether the strength of door and window materials is enough.

       Should you replace aluminum windows.png

      Poor quality of accessories.

      Accessories as an important part of the safety of doors and windows, good hardware accessories are standard for good doors and windows, and good hardware accessories are more expensive.

      In the actual real estate development, many developers generally use relatively cheap hardware accessories in order to reduce the cost of doors and windows.

      Hardware accessories feel poor, not to mention poor quality, easy to rust, easy to break, resulting in falling fan injury and other safety accidents occur from time to time.


      Poor performance of doors and windows.

      The basic functions of doors and windows are ventilation, lighting and rain protection, which is the most fundamental concept of door and window design at present, but due to environmental reasons, more people will upgrade their requirements for doors and windows, such as heat insulation and mute, and then upgrade to overall beauty and permanent deformation.


      Good doors and windows make your living environment more safe and beautiful, make you feel happy, better reflect your pursuit of quality of life, and promote your interpersonal circle.

      For owners who pursue high quality of life, good doors and windows are the basic configuration of a comfortable living environment.

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