• What type of window material is best?

    21 Apr, 2021

    In the selection and purchase of windows, in addition to the size and style of the windows, we usually pay more attention to the materials of the windows.

    Even many friends may ask: what kind of window is better?

    Let's talk about the advantages and disadvantages of windows of different materials, and then we can compare the decoration style of the building, the location of installation and so on to determine which kind of window is more suitable for you.

    1. Wooden window: a window made of wooden material.

    Scope of application: indoor.

    Advantages: strong wood grain texture, natural wood unique warm feeling and excellent durability are loved by people.

    Disadvantages: it is easy to rot outdoors and the price of high-quality wooden windows is on the high side.


    2. Plastic steel windows: using polyvinyl chloride resin as the main raw material, plus a certain proportion of stabilizers, colorants, fillers, ultraviolet absorbers, etc., extruded into profiles, and then made into door and window frames by cutting, welding or screwing, equipped with sealant strips, slivers, hardware, etc., at the same time, in order to enhance the rigidity of the profile, the profile cavity of more than a certain length needs to be filled with steel lining (reinforcement) and made of windows.  

    Scope of application: ground floor building.

    Advantages: small weight, good thermal insulation, relatively low price, high-quality plastic steel windows with strong anti-aging ability.

    Disadvantages: sealing, safety, anti-theft and ventilation quality are not satisfactory.

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    3. Aluminum alloy window: a window made of aluminum alloy extruded profile as the frame.

    Scope of application: high-rise buildings and areas where strong winds are often blowing.

    Advantages: air tightness, compression resistance, good decoration, and the material can be recycled.

    Disadvantages: due to different production processes and materials of different manufacturers, the windows and doors of some low-quality manufacturers are easy to use for a long time, such as aluminum wear and oxidation, plastic shedding leads to non-waterproof in rainy days, and the use of low-grade low-quality hinges leads to door body deformation and so on.

    Some inferior manufacturers due to the limited level of R & D and production, backward equipment and other reasons, resulting in non-standard product quality, resulting in undurable doors and windows, after-sales service can not keep up, and finally damage the interests of consumers.


    4. Broken bridge aluminum windows and doors: in terms of the sealing performance and flexural strength of the window, the better one is the broken bridge aluminum profile.

    If it is a high-rise building, the code requires that metal windows must be used, and it is recommended that it is best to choose broken bridge aluminum profiles.

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