• How to tell soundproofing effect of aluminum door window?

    17 Sep, 2020

    Noise do harm to person’s body, so it needs to consider that  soundproofing effect  of aluminum door window when choosing a window. Today JMD share the judgment methods.

    1. Glass

    The selection of hollow laminated glass Windows can meet the needs of high sound insulation. Laminated glass can reduce noise at all frequencies, while insulating glass has a good noise reduction effect for high-frequency noise and all kinds of traffic noise (such as truck passing noise, overhead noise, etc.).The combination of the two can double the noise blocking effect and reduce the noise disturbance to users.


    2. Frame

    Choose windows of thicker frame body , such door window can weaken sound propagation better and cut off the interference of noise. So, when choosing windows, the observation of the frame cannot ignore.Thick frame not only has good sound insulation performance , but also good stability, can improve the durability of Windows.




    3.Leakproofness between frame and sash

    Carefully observe the leakproofness between frame and sash, Windows with good sound insulation performance adopt three sealing structures, the air tightness of the whole window is very tight and the effect of blocking sound insulation is stronger.

    In addition, pay more attention to the installation of windows. The processing between window and wall aperture must rigorous. Bad sealing between window and wall can promote noise transmission strength likewise and make the sound insulation performance of window decreases.

    Thanks for reading. Hope it works for you !


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