• What is the best window frame material?

    10 May, 2021

    In autumn and winter, the weather is getting cold, and the indoor temperature is often higher than that indoors, so in order to prevent heat loss, window frames play a decisive role. The material and density of window frames determine the thermal insulation performance of windows.

    There are many kinds of materials for window frames, and the market for doors and windows is a mixture of fish and dragons. What are the materials of window frames after all?

    Which kind of window frame should I choose?

    There are mainly five kinds of window frame materials:

    Wood: pure wood window products have a wide range of materials, convenient production, many door and window styles, and good decoration effect, which can meet the needs of different levels of high, middle and low grade.

    It has strong decoration, environmental protection and excellent thermal insulation.

    This kind of window is more suitable for pastoral style and classical style decoration.

    But it consumes natural wood and destroys the environment.

    In addition, the material is more expensive and the cost is relatively high.

    Fire-retardant and moisture-resistant windows are not as good as aluminum alloy and other materials.

    Plastic steel: the raw material of plastic steel window is rigid strength anti-oxidation plastic, because aluminum plastic material does not conduct heat, so the thermal insulation of plastic steel window is better, in addition, it also has the advantages of good sound insulation, impact resistance, strong sealing and so on.

    However, the fireproof, safety, anti-theft and ventilation quality of aluminum alloy windows are not as good as those of aluminum alloy windows.

    And the strength of plastic windows is not very good, easy to change shape, a few years later will change color and aging.

    Aluminum alloy: aluminum alloy windows are relatively common in home life. They have light weight, high strength, good watertightness and air tightness, good fire resistance, large daylighting surface, atmospheric corrosion resistance, long service life, good decoration effect and good environmental protection performance.

    But the toughness is not good, the tone is cold, the heat preservation effect is poor, the air tightness is poor, it will leak air and water, and the surface is easy to change color if it is not handled well.

    Because it is metallic and has good thermal conductivity, it can quickly transfer the heat from outside into the house in summer, resulting in cold winter and hot summer.

    What is the best window frame material.png

    Broken bridge aluminum: on cold protection and warmth, the first is broken bridge aluminum doors and windows.

    It closely connects the indoor and outdoor two layers of aluminum alloy into a whole to form a new aluminum profile.

    High strength, unchanged, maintenance-free.

    The improvement improves the thermal insulation performance of the window, and its air tightness is better than any aluminum and plastic steel doors and windows, which can ensure that the indoor windowsill and floor in the area with heavy wind and sand are free of sand and dust.

    The broken bridge aluminum profile can realize the three sealing structure of the door and window, reasonably separate the water vapor cavity, successfully realize the gas-water isobaric balance, significantly improve the water tightness and air tightness of the door and window, and achieve the effect of clean and bright window.

    Glass: the glass material is generally connected with the window as a whole form, so the integrity is very strong, the appearance also looks very beautiful, but the production cost is very high, the technical requirement is high, the family use is very little, generally common in large public buildings.

    The above is a brief introduction to the window frame material, I hope it can be helpful to everyone!


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