• What can I do with old aluminum windows?

    07 May, 2021

    When your windows and doors are old, do you want to replace them directly or continue to use them?

    What on earth can old aluminum windows and doors do?


    1. Renovation of aluminum windows and doors.

    The methods commonly used in the renovation of aluminum alloy windows and doors are as follows:

    1) No. 600 sandpaper is polished with soap water, and then self-sprayed varnish is used.

    2) Angle grinder with steel wire wheel (fine wire) electric removal.

    3) it is time-consuming and laborious to scrub with vinegar.


    2. Aluminum windows and doors decoration.

    If the old aluminum windows and doors cannot be reused, they can be used to decorate the room, which is also a way of waste utilization.


    So the old aluminum windows and doors are not useless, as long as we find them attentively, we can maximize their value.

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