• Why are Aluminium Windows so expensive?

    02 Apr, 2021

    Wood-aluminum doors and windows are very popular nowadays, compared with other doors and windows, aluminum windows and doors can be described as the "aristocracy" of doors and windows.

    So, what is the difference between wooden aluminum doors and windows and other doors and windows?

    Why are you so "aristocratic"?

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    1.Energy-saving type (thermal insulation).

    There is a professional term in the world of doors and windows: heat transfer coefficient K value (also known as conductivity coefficient or insulation coefficient).

    It is the most professional technical parameter to measure the thermal insulation of doors and windows. compared with other types of windows, aluminum doors and windows have outstanding thermal insulation performance.

    Therefore, aluminum doors and windows are more energy-saving.

    Therefore, although the price is slightly higher at the time of purchase, in the long run, using aluminum doors and windows can save you heating bills in winter and air-conditioning electricity bills in summer.

    After such careful accounting, do you still think the price of aluminum doors and windows is expensive?


    2.Soundproof privacy.

    Aluminum doors and windows can better block the external noise, and the sound insulation performance is better than other types of doors and windows.

    3. Fireproof performance.

    In case of fire, the transmission of high temperature is slow, and the speed of fire transmission is slower, and doors and windows are not easy to cause a bigger fire due to high temperature explosion.

    4. Long service life.

    Doors and windows are not fast-moving consumer goods, so the service life of doors and windows is required to support the existence of the family.

    Other types of windows, after long-term use, hinge, handle rust, a great impact on beauty and daily use.

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